Mathieu Bosi

Software / DIY Projects

The following projects are accessible on GitLab.

Leap Motion Marionette

Ragdoll physics with Bullet and Processing + Leap Motion.

Project repo:

El-cheapo Wave Field Synthesis

Basic real-time Wafe Field Synthesis with support for focussed sources, made in Pure Data. Includes Linux jack configuration and instructions for chaining two 8 channel USB sound cards. 16 channels are used overall. Not tested, but under OSX merging should come for free (and better).

Project repo:

Slow Dance

Slow Dance, custom and quick DIY version. Based on Slow Dance by Jeff Lieberman /

Project repo:

First version. Based on the awesome Slow Dance by Jeff Lieberman #DIY ♥

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New version of Slow Dance, with stronger electromagnet and overdriven LED strip in frame.

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Real-time binaural sound localization

A Generalized Cross Correlation + PHAT wheighting algorithm implemented in Pure Data for lateral sound source localization (e.g. snapping your fingers) using a pair of microphones. Once tuned to a given system works quite nicely.

Project repo:

Haptic Sheet

Controlling a set of 30 Eccentric Rotating Mass micro-vibration motors controlled via PWM.

Project repo:

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Part of the (crammed) driver circuit board:


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Scavenging FFC cables... #thin

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Servo motors Screen

Controlling 16 to 24 Sg 90 micro-servos in a screen-like configuration.

Project repo:

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Proce55ing sketches

Various Processing ( sketches and experiments.
For example: Sketches repo:

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Older projects (2009 and before)


ScratchLib to Open Sound Control, Windows. Download it here (ZIP, 791 KB)


Synaptic touchpad SDK to Open Sound Control, Windows. Download it here (ZIP, 44.8 KB)

Gigaverb VST plugin

Download plugin (windows version), source code and Dev C++ project files here (ZIP, 145 KB)


An interactive installation reacting to sound qualities.
Download the windows executables, patches and documentation here (ZIP, 1.93 MB)


Ray, a realtime raytracing experiment


Some features:

Some screenshots
All the screenshots were taken on my P4 2,20 GHz running WinXP Home.
Click on the thumbnails to see the originals
Default settings. (Specular, diffuse, shadow, one omni light, one spot light, diffuse light)
Default settings.
Texturing enabled (still to improve).
Texture modulated by Material colors.
Default settings + soft shadows.
Default settings + 2 levels of reflections.
Default settings, shadows disabled.
Primary rays clipping rectangles shown.
All settings on (except for modulation and soft shadows).
Screenshots from the early version:
One of the first rendering tests.
Procedural animated perlin noise.
Colorful Xor map, specular highlights and reflections!


Software rendered Images
(click on the images to see the larger versions)

all these pictures were rendered with personal or third-party software eventually using image editing tools

Von Koch curve
(Allegro + DJGPP)

(missing source code)

Images obtained with a raytracer featuring planes, quadrics, textures, lighting, bump-mapping and reflections.
Written in C (Allegro + DJGPP). Lost code.

Download animation (mpeg, 1.71 MB)

each frame of the animation was rendered as 24bit PCX file and then the sequence was assembled with Video Mach to create the movie

I always used to do this game during my time-wasting (simple C source code here, 1.36 KB)
it remembers burned metal.
Obtained with Paint Shop Pro filters starting from a Julia fractal created with Fractint
Mandelbrot Set renderings done with C programs:
(basic C programs, color depth is 16. Old times.)
Nice and simple palette
Very 80's zoom of the Mandelbrot Set
Black and White Mandelbrot set renderings:
Normal set and Inverted set
Mandelbrot set: some magnified particulars
Fractals rendered with Fractint
Fractint is probably the most complete fractal creation tool on the net.
Give also a look at XaoS, an excellent real-time Win32 fractal explorer
3D Quaternion-Julia Fractals
(images taken from Paul Bourke's site)
Some nice 3D Julia Fractals
(PDF, 247 KB)
Two big 3D Julia fractals and a 4D morphing sequence of the second one
(PDF, 351 KB)

Even Older projects

DOS/Win32/Web Software Dev

A small portfolio with screenshots from some real-time graphics projects here (PDF, 1.58 MB)

Win32 productions
Real-time applications/animations made up using OpenGL and MSVC 6.0 (614 KB)
5th v1.0 - Movement into Sound

Multimedial Installation provided as a contribution for a student's exhibition held at the IUAV University in Venice during march 2006.
Needs a soundcard, a Webcam and DirectShow (DirectX) installed (7.21 MB) Relativi - the everchanging mirror

Multimedial Installation provided as a contribution for a student's exhibition named "Il Malinteso" held at the IUAV University in Venice during november 2005.
Needs a soundcard and a Webcam or any other Video for Windows compatible device. (426.0 KB) an example of ODE based simulation of an elastic body (6.46 MB, includes the sources and a sample dataset) an example of volume rendering of TAC data

Database + Web

- screenshot (SVG interface) -
Project done for a Database course at the university.
It's a car-sharing system based upon an ASP database

My principal tasks here have been:
  • the creation of the documentation (user's and technical)
  • application source deep restyling, reorganization and optimization.
  • user interface (html + css + JavaScript DOM).
You can find all the stuff here (italian language).

Small real-time animations
Animations created using Borland C/C++ 5.0 or Allegro + DJGPP
(C sources included in zip files, pressing ESC always quits the execution) (19.0 KB) nice tails with some simple graphic FX (press any key to cycle through them) (35.2 KB) hi-res 2D point morphing (14.2 KB) fake emboss effect (x86 ASM) (15.9 KB) 2D fire effect (20.8 KB) one of my preferred creations: a 2D section of a 3D fire effect (sorry, no volume rendering for now ;) (16.9 KB) a classic: concentric waves on water :) (14.1 KB) sinusoidal plasma effect (18.1 KB) 2D radial feedback effect (16.9 KB) The idea was that of a concentric fire. Here's the result (spacebar to change mode) (20.8 KB) explore a landscape... (translation from a 32bit program: keyboard arrows to move; not Real voxels, of course :) (617 KB) One of my last DOS productions: textured tunnel with fogging using Allegro+DJGPP. Missing source. Black screen with some gfx cards.

The beginnings
My very first attempts with real-time graphics (and game programming of course)...
(applications written with Turbo Pascal 3.02a, probably to run the programs you'll need DosBox or an old computer) (25.5 KB) A game with a shooting spacecraft